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'Constitution for the Chorus of Poles', devised, directed and written by Marta Górnicka, premiere: 1.05.2016, Nowy Theatre in Warsaw. Photo: Robert Rumas.
Stanisław Godlewski

We? The People? On Marta Górnicka’s 'Constitution for the Chorus of Poles'


The author looks into Konstytucja na Chór Polaków[Constitution for the Chorus of Poles], a production directed by Marta Górnicka (premiere 1 May 2016), analysing it both with reference to Górnicka’s previous works, and in light of Poland’s political situation – particularly the crisis surrounding the Constitutional Tribunal, the country’s highest constitutional court. Godlewski examines subsequent parts of the production, demonstrating the extent to which Górnicka’s work endeavours to abolish all manner of hierarchies, while itself falling into discourses of dominance and power. The post-theatrical nature of the production is revealed in consciously referencing tradition, while escaping illusoriness and exposing the performative mechanisms relevant to the presence of a text or of a body in space.


Chorus of Women; Chorus of Poles; critical theatre; Marta Górnicka; political theatre; Nowy Theatre

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Stanisław Godlewski

graduated from the Inter-Area Individual Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences (MISHiS) at the  Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (AMU). Doctoral student at AMU Institute of Theatre and Media Arts, he has been awarded a grant for a project on theatre criticism. His work has been published the regional ‘Poznań’ section of the Gazeta Wyborcza daily, and in print and electronic arts journals including Didaskalia, Teatr, Dialog and He also writes for the Institute of Music and Dance website, Co-founder of Forum Theatrologów, a collective of theatre studies scholars campaigning for the democratisation of theatre-related discourse.