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Romuald Krężel

The Emancipated Artist


In the present essay Romuald Krężel compares and contrasts the working conditions faced by those working in performative arts in Poland and in Western Europe, particularly Germany. As it outlines the institutional shortages and deficiencies of theatre in Poland, the study puts forward suggestions for systemic change in a variety of fields – from ways of awarding public subsidies to the institutional organization of artistic life. As he references ‘The Emancipated Spectator’, an essay by Jacques Rancière, Krężel broadens the scope of analysis proposed by the French philosopher to include the artistic work process; he also examines relations of inequality occurring between artists and the institutional system in which they operate. In addition, Krężel surveys the differences in artistic education between Poland and Western European countries. He looks into a new kind of artistic education, offered by centres such as the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen, oriented towards contemporary art in the broad understanding of the term.

Having made his comparisons, and having referenced the context of the emancipatory role contemporary art has to play in society (a phenomenon described by Alain Badiou), the author stipulates that the status of the artist in Poland should undergo profound transformation.


artistic education; artistic institution; collective; contemporary performative arts; choreography; emancipation

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Romuald Krężel

theatre director, actor, performer. He graduated from the Acting Department of the Film School in Łodź. He is currently studying at the international programme Choreography and Performance in the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen. His artistic practice is set at the intersection of various art forms: theatre, performance, choreography. He has collaborated with directors Weronika Szczawińska, Markus Öhrne and Oliver Frljić. His works have been presented in Poland and in Germany at Komuna// Warszawa and the Nowy Theatre in Warsaw, in the Bogusławski Theatre in Kalisz, Zeitraumexit in Mannheim, Mousonturm in Frankfurt and Theatre discounted in Berlin. His articles have been published in Didaskalia.