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'Performance' ('Micro-theatre'), dir. by Wojtek Ziemilski, premiere: 12.11.2016, produced by Komuna// Warszawa. Photo: Pat Mic.
Katarzyna Lemańska, Karolina Wycisk

[To] See What We Can Do Together: Wojtek Ziemilski in Conversation with Katarzyna Lemańska and Karolina Wycisk


Ways of working at different institutions – from state-owned theatres to independent ventures such as Komuna// Warszawa – are the main theme of Karolina Wycisk and Katarzyna Lemańska’s interview with director Wojtek Ziemilski. As he elaborates on this issue, Ziemilski references the examples of his (uncompleted) project at the National Stary Theatre in Kraków, and One Gesture and Come Together, his recent Warsaw productions at the Nowy and Studio Theatres, respectively. The interview takes as its starting point the question concerning the future of the art of theatre in Poland, following a change of government in the country. Ziemilski specifies what ‘the economy of closeness’ means to him and comments on the current state of affairs in theatre from the point of view of a freelance artist.


devising theatre; participatory art; critical theatre; contemporary choreography; Wojtek Ziemilski; Real Time Composition

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Katarzyna Lemańska

graduated in performance studies and editing from the Jagiellonian University. Her works have been published in “Didaskalia”, “Ruch Muzyczny”, and website. In 2013-2015 she co-edited Teatralia Internet Magazine. Editorial Assistant of online research journal Performer. She works at the The Grotowski Institute.

Karolina Wycisk

is a manager, educator and curator. A PhD student at the Jagiellonian University. Her works have been published in "Didaskalia", "Teatr", and the website. Director of the PERFORMAT Foundation, publisher of the "Teatralia" Internet Magazine. Coordinator of the Polish Dance Platform 2017. Curator of three editions of Studio Dance Scene (May—July 2017) and IDIOM Polish dance festival in Prague (2017, 2018). As a manager, she cooperates with Maciej Kuźminski Company, Hygin Delimat, and others.