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Ohne Titel (Micro-theatre) by Ania Nowak, produced by Komuna // Warszawa. Photographer: Pat. Mic.
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Post-Theatre and Its Allies: New Experiments in Polish Theatre


The fifth issue of Polish Theatre Journal is concerned primarily with the works of an emerging generation in Polish theatre: theatre-makers in their thirties and fortieswho have been leaving a distinctive mark on theatre in Poland over the past few seasons, bringing new sensibilities and new working strategies to the table. We identify features their works have in common, perceiving them as a formation of distinct boundaries and quite uniform views, while proposing the term ‘post-theatre’ as a terminological framework intended to specify the analysis. In addition, keynote addresses delivered at the academic conference ‘Giessen and Others’ (held in Warsaw in July 2017) are published in this issue, as is the speech made by Prof. Richard Schechner on 16 October 2017, when a honorary degree was conferred on him by the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw.



auto-theatre; post-truth; post-theatre; the emancipated spectator; Marta Górnicka; Anna Karasińska; Ania Nowak; Marta Ziółek

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