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<i>Nim zakwitnie tysiąc róż (z Warszawą w tle)</i> [<i>Until a Thousand Roses Bloom (with Warsaw in the Background)</i>], Alex Baczyński-Jenkins's performance, Warsaw, 2018, photo: K. Zajączkowska. Courtesy: artist & Foksal Gallery Foundation
Agata Adamiecka-Sitek

A New Landscape with a Rainbow: Queerness and Hope


The text presents the profile of the PTJ issue dedicated to the new quality of queer aesthetics, increasingly evident in the space of Polish theatre and performing arts. This new trend, unlike the story based on the experience of "wounded identity", which has been dominating in Polish theatre over the last two decades, turns to affirmative and reparative practices of discovering queer potentiality. The issue also includes texts that go back to the still unexplored queer history of Polish theatre and a block of texts devoted to Krystian Lupa, among which two relate to homosexual threads in the director's biography and work.

The introduction embeds the issues of queer practices raised by the authors in the context of the intense socio-political processes that are taking place in today's Poland, triggered by the campaign of the ruling right-wing party acting in alliance with the hierarchies of the Polish Catholic Church against LGBTQ.


Introduction; Queer

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Agata Adamiecka-Sitek

(1974) is a theatre researcher, critic and publisher. An author of the book Teatr i tekst. Inscenizacja w teatrze postmodernistycznym (Theatre and Text. Staging in Postmodern Theatre, 2006). She deals with issues of gender, corporeality and political art, as well as issues of institutional criticism. Editor of many books about Polish theatre and performance culture. Member of the editorial board of the Polish Theathe Journal and the curatorial team of the Forum of the Future of Culture. Worked with Marta Górnicka on the Chorus of Women project. Teaches at the National Academy of Dramatic Art.