A Few Queer Choreographies and a Horizon Imbued with Potentiality | Herbut | Polish Theatre Journal

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<i>Języki przyszłości</i> [<i>Future Tongues</i>], Ania Nowak, 2018, Nowy Theatre, Warsaw, photo: Maurycy Jan Stankiewicz
Anka Herbut

A Few Queer Choreographies and a Horizon Imbued with Potentiality




Working on the premise that the body is a territory for bringing about social change, the article’s author ponders choreography being a tool in activism. To this end, she analyses the work of several Polish choreographers: Ania Nowak, Alex Baczyński-Jenkins, Przemek Kamiński and Karol Tymiński. She references a number of queer texts and theses highly relevant to cutting-edge queer theory, by Jack Halbestram, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, and most-notably, José Esteban Muñoz, whose concept of queerness as a vessel of potential and futurity forms the backbone of the article. 



Queerness; Choreography; Community

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Anka Herbut

is a dramaturgist working in the fields of choreography and theatre, a playwright, scholar and curator. Working at the intersection of various art forms and combining artistic practice with theoretical reflection, she deals mostly with the dramaturgy of motion, the performativity of language and the relationships between art and politics. She works with young Polish choreographers and directors. She is a recipient of the Grażyna Kulczyk research grant in the field of contemporary choreography (2019), via which she is developing the project RESISTANCE MOVEMENTS. She is a regular contributor to the online culture magazine Dwutygodnik. She lives and works in Warsaw.