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In the first row from the left: Iwona Kempa, Iga Gańczarczyk and Michał Telega during the 'Change - now!' conference, Teatr Ochoty, Warsaw, 8 October 2019, photo: Marta Ankiersztejn
Iga Gańczarczyk

Testimonies and Declarations


The point of departure of the presentation will be the text The Actresses, or Sorry for Touching You by Michał Telega (4th year student of the Drama Directing Department at the Akademia Sztuk Teatralnych (AST Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow) regarding the situation of actress students at theatre work, and more specifically – violence and discrimination on the grounds of gender at art school and theatres. The text was written as part of dramaturgical course in Working on own text led by Iga Gańczarczyk in the 2018/2019 academic year, whose subject – More than one heroine referred to seeking new language for the stage representation of women.


Drama; AST; Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow; Gender

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Iga Gańczarczyk

Playwright, dramaturg, director, editor of the Linia Teatralna series at Korporacja Ha!art publishing house. MA at theatre studies at the Jagiellonian University and State Higher Theatre School in Cracow (later renamed as AST)She is lecturer at the Faculty of Drama Directing, National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow, and since 2016 holds the post of its Vice-Dean.