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Łucja Iwanczewska

To Participate and to Disappear

Joanna Jopek, <i>I’d Rather Not</i>, ed.  Justyna Stasiowska (Kraków: Księgarnia Akademicka, 2016)

Joanna Jopek, I’d Rather Not, ed. Justyna Stasiowska (Kraków: Księgarnia Akademicka, 2016)

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In this review of Joanna Jopek’s book I’d Rather Not, the author identifies and illuminates the most important – and awaiting researchers willing to develop them – ideas from Jopek’s research project. These include the mediality of the theatre, negative performativity, and participation in the social space through art. Iwanczewska describes the pioneering nature and innovativeness of the concept of negative performativity and analyses its resultant interpretive uses for cultural phenomena. The review is a testament to reading of the late author’s research and academic oeuvre.


Łucja Iwanczewska

PhD in liberal arts and sciences, works as assistant professor in the Department of Performance Studies of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Graduate of theatre studies at the Jagiellonian University and postgraduate programme in gender studies in the university’s Institute of the Audio-Visual Arts. Author of Muszę się odrodzić. Inne spotkania z dramatami Stanisława Ignacego Witkiewicza [I Need to Be Reborn: Other Encounters with Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz's Plays] (Księgarnia Akademicka, 2007), Samoprezentacje. Sade i Witkacy [Self-Representations: Witkacy and Sade] (Księgarnia Akademicka, 2010). She investigates issues concerning performance studies, performativity of phenomena of contemporary culture. She publishes in the journals Dialog and Didaskalia and has edited collections of papers. She cooperates with Cricoteka, the Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor in Kraków, where she prepared her original project ‘Biographies in Theatre’ and conducts regular educational workshops. She also cooperates with the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute, where she organised the conference ‘Nie może tak zostać! Polski punk’ [‘It Can’t Go on Like This: Polish Punk’], as well as the lecture series and book ‘Partycypacje, emancypacje, transformacje – teatr intelektualnej wspólnoty’ [‘Participation, Emancipation, Transformations: The Theatre of an Intellectual Community’].