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Dutch Practice-Based Theatre Experiences

From the left: Henk Havens and Bert Luppes during the 'Change - now!' conference, Teatr Ochoty, Warsaw, 8 October 2019, photo: Marta Ankiersztejn

From the left: Henk Havens and Bert Luppes during the 'Change - now!' conference, Teatr Ochoty, Warsaw, 8 October 2019, photo: Marta Ankiersztejn

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From the early seventies on, we were in fact living the transition from a Dutch canonical theatre tradition (hierarchical structured companies, dominance of traditional textual repertoire, connections with changing society were few) towards an international performing arts practice (more or less emancipated, more and more diverse, dominance of traditional theatre ensembles is gone, emerging importance of collectives, changing training programs for actors and performers, reflective studying). We would like to share our experiences with the public of the conference in a duo-presentation. We will be on stage together and we will interview each other about our track through recent Dutch and Flemish theatre history as far as the above mentioned transition is concerned.  We have in mind to explain some dots on a timeline. It will be a track, our track in fact, that is well known and generally accepted as an established part of recent Dutch history. We will interview each other on the basis of a few marking points, we both experienced as game changing in the direction of a more open, a more equivalent, performing arts field.


Henk Havens

Senior lecturer Theatre- and Performance theory at Maastricht Theatre Academy with a special interest in intermedial processes. He was co-founder of the performance course in Maastricht in 2000; as a member of the research staff of the chair New Theatricality, he was also leading the research group Theatre & Technology (2002–2010); and he was member of the dramaturgy staff of Johan Simons’ ZTHollandia in Eindhoven. In October 2015 he defended his thesis (Theatre and the Performative Spectrum, theatre in the Low Countries in transition) at Maastricht University, the thesis deals for a great part with the themes of the conference. From 2014–2019 he was one of the advisors of the Dutch National Council for Culture in the performing arts committee.

Bert Luppes

He completed his actor training at Maastricht Theatre Academy in 1979. He was co-founder of the Theatergroup Het Vervolg. He was a co-founder and regular player at Theatergroup Hollandia from the very beginning, and later at ZTHollandia (a major fusion between Hollandia and Het Zuidelijk Toneel). Occasionally he played with a diversity of other important Dutch companies. Since 2007, Bert Luppes has worked as a freelance actor. He coached and directed various performances, including those at Artemis Theater in Den Bosch. Since August 2012, Luppes is in permanent employment with the NTGent Company in Flanders, performing throughout Europe. He is also a very popular actor for television and film. Since 2014 he provides acting lessons at the Maastricht Theatre Academy and is member of staff of the acting department.

Lieke van der Vegt

 is a graduating student of the bachelor’s performance course in Maastricht.

Emma Buysse

 is a third-year acting student in Maastricht.